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Trenchless excavation, leak detection

and location services

Water line leaks on your service line from your meter or well can quickly go from bad to disastrous very quickly! If left unchecked they can cause erosion issues under driveways or your home's foundation Even the smallest of leaks can quickly run up your water bill since the leak will run 24/7 until fixed. Gingerich Plumbing and HVAC is equip to handle these leaks on the spot, we care about you and your family, we want your home to be safe, and your water bill to be fair!

Things to Consider if  You Think Your Water Line may be Leaking

Did you know that when the water line leaks on your service line from your meter or well goes bad that it is your responsibility to repair it? Many 
When it comes to replacement of your water service line going into your house there are a few options to consider.

Standard Trench style water line Replacement and Installation

This option is most used and can make the most sense when replacing a line through a yard without sod or in depth landscaping that could be disturbed. This process involves cutting a trench line with a trenching machine or tractor from your water meter or well to the point of entry where your water line enters your house. This involves backfilling, grading, and sometimes weeks or a few months or working with your landscaper to get everything back in good shape.

Trenchless Water line Replacement and Installation

This option is a great one to consider when there is concern for your yard, landscaping, driveway, or even retaining wall that could become issues when

Using a standard installation method. We can dig fairly small hole at your meter

And one at the house where the water line enters the foundation. From here we use an aircraft cable that is rated for this type of work in conjunction with a pipe splitter and tractor to pull the new line right thru your old plumbing pipe! Much less mess and hassle than tearing up the entire yard.

If you have or suspect a leak on your water main or anywhere in or outside your house reach out to Gingerich Plumbing  today at 717-825-7155


We offer free onsite upfront Estimates and handle everything from:

Slab leaks, leak detection, trenchless re-pipes, water line replacement, underground boring, tractor operation, ultrasonic leak detection, waterline location services, large water line camera inspections and locating, And many other services as well.

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