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Each year Gingerich Plumbing heating and Air Conditioning is proud to give away a new furnace to a deserving member of the community. It's our chance to give the gift of heat to someone who needs it! 

If you, or someone you know, are in a situation that leaves them without heat or in a poor heating situation this winter please email our committee at and let them know who needs to be blessed with heat this year or complete the form below.

We have established a small committee that is not associated with the company to choose a finalist to win a FREE Furnace and installation. The winner will be announced the week of Thanksgiving. Thank you so much!


Last Year's Winner Bambi Joskolka's story warmed the hearts of the committee as well as the Gingerich Team. We showed up to Bambi's home to remove an old low efficient LP furnace and installed a new high efficiency AHRI certified furnace and Thermostat. Could this year's winner be you?

Nominate or Apply Here:

Thanks for submitting!
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